The Tollway is now under Operations and Maintenance for the last thirteen years and the employment opportunity is also limited to that extent. There are several wings as mentioned below to manage the company’s functions and obligations for managing the Operations and Maintenance of the Tollway including the high tech Extradoses Bridge , Viaducts, ROB , RUBs and six-lane at grade Highway approaches.

Operations– Managed by General Manager – Operations.

Maintenance– Managed by General Manager – Maintenance.The team is manned by Civil Engineers having project exposure.

Accounts & Finance- Managed by Chief Financial Officer.

Position : Maintenance Engineer in SVB Tollway
  1. Co Ordinate the team in charge of inspection of pavement, drainage, fencing slopes and roadside areas , bridges signage guard rails toll lanes landscaping road marking structures lighting and any other tasks as required in relation to infrastructure and road equipment.
  2. Ensure that health and safety procedures are correctly implemented.
  3. Submit reports relating to the inspections, surveys, and health & safety issues as required under contractual obligations and under Company Policies.
  4. Coordinate and Manage Sub Contracts
  5. Formulates survey and maintenance plans and set operational goals.
  6. Set directions to ensure timely and cost effective implementation of Survey’s and maintenance programs and activities.


Educational Qualification :

Civil Engineering Degree/Diploma from a reputed University in India. Must be having good command on English language both in writing & speaking. Must be fluent in speaking local languages i.e. Bengali and English. Must be having good knowledge of MS Office, MS Word, MS Excel, email handling etc. and preferable having Diploma in Computer application or equivalent

Experience :




Minimum 5 years’ management position in work maintenance and inspection

Additional Requirement :

Details of Tasks:

  1. Inspection of the facilities.
  2. Inspection for the Health & Safety
  3. Environment Management
  4. Administrative Tasks
  5. Management of supplies , material, and equipment of the section
  6. Quality Control

 Measure of Performance:

  1. Timely submission of reports relating to inspections and survey’s as required under contractual obligations and under Company Policies
  2. Minimal or no run out of equipment consumables materials supplies or spare parts
  3. Attainment of performance standards as defined in the Operation and Maintenance Agreement and in Company policies
  4. Attainment of maximum Bonuses and minimum Penalties as defined in the Operations and Maintenance Agreement


Salary & Benefit :
Officer Grade 1--Rs. 15000/---Rs 2000/- Rs 45000/-

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