Infrastructural Advantages

The SVB Tollway Project has complemented the existing Vivekananda Bridge (Old Bally Bridge) and provided a rapid and strategic link between major corridors on both sides of the River Hooghly.

Contribution to Growth

The Second Vivekananda Bridge is an infrastructure project connecting roads. Most of the economic benefits are derived from transportation economics leading to overall financial boost of the region or country as a significant development model. The SVB Tollway has provided manifold benefits of connectivity in the eastern region:

The main objectives of the project as achieved are:-

Augmentation of the transportation accessibility of a 70-year-old river crossing through old Bally Bridge. The convenient location acts as a distinct advantage and is considered as the only 24-hour open entrance to the city of Kolkata for commercial vehicles.

Linking the NH System (NH- 2 / NH-6) on the western bank to the NH system (NH-34 / NH-35) on the eastern bank leading to North Bengal, North eastern states and countries like Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. This link was missing since the inception of National Highways, 60 years back.The bridge is acting as the critical missing eastern link of the Golden Quadrilateral program of National Highways linking the four metro cities of India.

The bridge is serving as the preferred travel route across the River Hooghly linking the twin cities of Kolkata and Howrah

The Bridge provided a huge decongesting effect to the city and lessened environmental pollution caused by traffic jams.

Provided an important connectivity to the port of Kolkata from the ‘Golden Quadrilateral’ project.

The project has drastically reduced the travel time between northern metropolitan areas and growth centers at the western bank

The Project will lead to a substantial economic growth of the eastern region that directly hinges on the connectivity aspect of the bridge. The project has already served as a catalyst for economic growth in eastern India

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