Construction Highlight

Construction Technique adopted For Foundation: Underwater Well Sinking for maximum depth of 55 meter within Steel Caissons

Pre Cast Segments of Maximum Weight of 150 MT: Launched in place using Floating Barges

All types of civil construction like : Well Foundation, Pile Foundation, Retaining wall, Segment Casting and Erection, Road Over Bridge, Road Under Bridge, Tunnel, Roads, Buildings, Culverts, Under Pass etc was involved in the SVB Project

The construction of RUBs by Box pushing method was done without blocking the existing Main Railway Line running above

The Geometry control of the Main Bridge during erection was made with the help of MC3D. This software was used to maintain an accuracy of +/- 0.3mm for monitoring the deflection as well as the placement of the starter segment next to the pier table

The existence of an old submerged wooden log at 25 meter depth created construction problem of P4 well sinking. The log was removed by under- water excavation and took 4 months to reach final sinking level of P4 Well

Stringent Geometric Control at the Pre- cast yard by way of double survey checking resulted control casting of segments nearer to the theoretical values. This has yielded smooth erection of segments.

The Cycle Time for Main Bridge Segment Casting and Erection was controlled to the tune of 2.5 days and 1.92 days respectively which was very close to the planned figure.

Expansion Joint: 110 meter centre to centre Modular Type with Steel Beam at Mid Span expansion joint location with Strip Seals.

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Notice of 21st adjourned AGM 2021-22.

19th Aug 2022

Notice of 21st AGM 2021-22

15th Jul 2022

Annual Return FY 2021-22

15th Jul 2022


Acknowledgment from St. Jude India ChildCare

24th Feb 2022

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