Semi-Automated Tolling System

The Toll plaza is having sixteen lanes at present (expandable to 20 lanes) , all fitted with imported computerised system to generate Toll receipt on the basis of manual and automatic traffic classification. The system provides tamper proof MIS on toll collection with secured cash up data against each and every Toll collector.

Electronic Toll Collection (ETC)

SVBTC Toll Plaza is having ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) lanes, 1 in each direction for the users of FASTag which is fixed on the windscreen of a vehicle. These FASTag is being issued by the specified Banks and are applicable in all the Toll Plazas on National Highway across the country. In this case the user need not to pay Cash at the Toll Plaza and the toll fee is deducted from the FASTag.

News & events

Notice of 21st adjourned AGM 2021-22.

19th Aug 2022

Notice of 21st AGM 2021-22

15th Jul 2022

Annual Return FY 2021-22

15th Jul 2022


Acknowledgment from St. Jude India ChildCare

24th Feb 2022

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